Carbureted Regulator Bracket

MP-7050 Replacement Filter

Polyethylene filter is cleanable and reusable. Alcohol compatible. Fits all "Pump with Filter" filter housings. O-ring used in 500 series pumps only.

Seal Kit

Keep a seal kit in your tool box just in case.

These kits are composed of the exact same

seals that go in your pump when it's new.

They are the highest quality available.

Part No.

MP-4401-SK PS-500 Pump w/o Filter

MP-4450-SK PS-500 Pump w/ Filter

MP-4501-SK QS-275 and 300 Pump w/o Filter

MP-4550-SK QS-275 and 300 Pump w/Filter

MP-4301-SK ProTuner Pumps

MP-4701-SK ProStar EFI, SQ, Pro Outlaw, and Outlaw Pumps


Bulkhead O-Ring & Washer Kit

Factory replacement seals for the MP-3006,

MP-3008, and MP-3014 bulkhead fittings.

Part No.                            AN Size

MP-3301                            #8

MP-3302                            #10

MP-3303                            #12


EFI Regulator Bracket


Standard Mounting Bracket

All pumps come with standard clear zinc-plated steel mounting bracket and pump-side hardware

Regulator Diaphragm Kits

Part No.

MP-9400-03 Four Port and Large Two Port Regulators

MP-9600-03 Standard Two Port Regulators

MP-9950-03 ProStar EFI and Carb Bypass Regulators

MP-9925-03 QuickStar EFI Regulators

Air Bleed Systems

We strongly recommend using an air bleed with all nitrous Regulators to eliminate air from the fuel system and allow for easy adjustment of the Regulator at a flowing condition.


Part No. Description

MP-9575 Dual air-bleed system (shown) MP-9580 Triple air-bleed system

MP-9585 Nitrous fuel solenoid air bleed

Air Bleed Adapter Fitting

Part No. Description

MP-3110  #3 x 1/8" pipe x 1/8" pipe with pill




5015 Galley rd



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