Anti-Reversion Plates

increase airflow by extending carburetor bore.

Gasketed plates isolate vibration and help prevent fuel cavitation.

MagnaFuel’s custom-machined Anti-Reversion Plates (shear plates) keep your carburetor flowing

at or beyond its CFM rating by

reducing intake reversion at

high RPM. These plates help prevent airflow reversion by redirecting the hot gasses

that can rise into the intake manifold as the intake valve opens and the exhaust valve is still closing. These re-directed gasses can then help release and atomize fuel droplets that sometimes stick and drip down the carburetor bores.

If you run aggressive cam overlap, without MagnaFuel’s Anti-Reversion Plate, these hot gasses disrupt the cool intake charge, reducing flow, dampening the carburetor booster signal and creating unwanted turbulence.

Special Pro-Stock  Drag 4500 Dominator Anti-Reversion Plate MP-5007

4150/4160 Holley® Anti-Reversion Plate MP-5005/MP-5006

4500 Dominator Anti-Reversion Plate MP-5008

Split Dominator Anti-Reversion Plate MP-5009



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